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What is an HR chatbot?

What is an HR chatbot?

HR-chatbots are conversation-based "computer programs" that act as a kind of user interface in automated HR-processes. They are designed to interact with employees by offering support and guidance, asking questions and, above all, answering questions related to personnel and employment matters.

HR chatbots are easily integrated into HR-systems as well as various recruitment (ATS) and learning systems. Through integrations, all HR-information in the systems is available to chatbots. In this way, e.g., frequently asked questions (FAQ) by personnel, which burden team leaders and HR-people year after year, can be given to chatbots to take care of. Thus, HR-professionals' time is saved for more productive tasks, and employees get immediate and correct answers to their questions, which in turn improves the employee experience.

Knowledge-based management becomes more effective when the personnel data collected by chatbots is combined with other data of the organization. However, a real leap in productivity in HR-processes will be experienced with the introduction of artificial intelligence. AI and chatbots enable a very powerful Assistant-tool that will summarize company’s documents, content of intranet and HR-analytics. Being equal to all employees as serving 24/7 to preferred language. This kind of tool will free employees from monotonous, repetitive tasks, allowing more time and focus for improving the other things.

Typical, industry-independent, and quick-to-use HR-chatbot solutions include:

  • Pre-orientation and orientation: Chatbots offer new employees, e.g., information about the company culture and benefits, but above all they enhance and speed up familiarization with new tasks and responsibilities.

  • Employee support throughout the employment relationship (FAQ): Chatbots provide staff with 24/7 support in various HR-matters, such as leave policies, benefits and salary inquiries. On all devices and platforms.

  • Exit discussion: Chatbots use "human dialogue" to collect answers to why employees leave. In this way, understanding can be increased, and the right actions can be taken.

Overall, HR-chatbots help organizations streamline their HR-processes, reduce costs, and improve the employee experience at every stage of the employee journey. The key is a timely and relevant dialogue between the employee and the employer.

By the way, did you know that if artificial intelligence is given the responsibility of handling frequently asked questions (FAQ), then the time to answer these questions will be reduced by HR staff by up to 80%. As an HR professional, what would you do with a few extra hours a week?


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