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Building a winning organizational culture with chatbots

In the last 12 months, our chatbots have sent more than one million messages to our clients' employees in various HR processes, such as pre-orientation, onboarding and exit interviews.

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McDonald's is a fast food chain founded in 1955 and one of the most famous brands in the world, whose trademark is the golden arches. McDonald's restaurants serve their customers in more than a hundred countries. 


McDonald's has been operating in Finland since 1984, and currently they have 72 family restaurants serving customers from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. These restaurants are run by local entrepreneurs and act as employers in many areas. 

Bots implemented at McDonalds:
Onboarding-bot / Work Community bot / Follow-up bot / SOME-bot


Our client's goal was to find an easy-to-use and simple way to communicate regularly with their employees. They wanted to hear the opinions of their employees in more detail, gather information on employee satisfaction, and come up with ideas for development targets. In addition, they look for an easy and quick way to give recognition to colleagues. 


There was also a need for an assistant who could clearly explain general work matters, from operating models for sick leave to tax and salary matters, as well as the basic rules of the restaurant - common and frequent questions that come to HR and restaurant managers. 

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In the first phase of the project, a name competition was organized to find a suitable name for a new colleague, a chatbot, and at the same time, a new service was presented to the staff. In this way, the personnel could be committed to the development work, participate in the project and get to know the new chatbot colleague. 


Next, a chatbot solution was implemented, which was able to communicate and give the desired advice and surveys in a timely manner through an engaging dialogue. A visual dashboard was compiled from the obtained results, which allowed the restaurant manager to monitor the metrics and development targets related to the working atmosphere of their own restaurant. 


In practice, the chatbot brought a new perspective to the development of job satisfaction and restaurant operations in a way that both engages employees and creates a positive employer image. 


Employees can find the bot using QR codes in the break room and locker rooms. 

chatbot mcdonalds
s group chatbot

S Group

The S-group is a Finnish network of retail and service companies dedicated to its customers. It has more than 1,900 offices all over Finland.


The S group offers a wide range of services, such as grocery stores, department stores and specialty stores, transport stores, travel and catering stores, and hardware stores. 

Bots implemented at S Group:
Onboarding-bot / Work Community bot / Follow-up bot / SOME-bot


The customer needed efficient and systematic support for the onboarding of a new employee, as well as continuous feedback on the success of the process.  

In addition, customers wanted to collect data for the development of the work community and help team leaders with routine tasks. 

Also, there was the need to create HR analytics with the help of a pulse-like dialogue. 

The bots were also involved to support coaching and monitor the effectiveness of the training. The bots also wanted to be trained to answer frequently asked questions and support employees' search for information. 

The solution had to offer help in managing HR's routine tasks at different stages of the employee journey. 

s group chatbot


According to the customer's needs, several different bots were implemented to support the employee journey, such as onboarding, pulse, work community research, social media, and off-boarding chatbots. Different bot roles were combined with individual bots for each cooperative. The bots identify possible reasons for departure even before the departure conversation and map the development targets of the locations at different stages of the employee journey. 

 Bots continue to measure the success of coaching and help develop employees' skills. At the same time, the coaches receive a comprehensive analysis of the success of the coaching. The HR analytics produced by the bot can be combined with the organization's other data. The development wishes of individual employees are combined for the entire group's use per location and store. 


Bots are important in terms of employee job satisfaction, automating the routines of team leaders, and transparency in HR processes. 


The bots work in S-group's already existing communication channels - a new platform etc. was not introduced in the project, the bots work through integrations. 

s group chatbot

"Botteja has been a great partner in bringing to competence development and implementation of change management a new dimension – the bots. The bots have been strengthening the effectiveness of the training and helping with the onboarding of the new employee and have acted as the employees' personal coaches alongside the employees on the change journey.​ "


S Group

Ruskataloj service association is a versatile service housing professional in Satakunta. For us, the voice of the elderly is always the loudest.

Bots implemented at Ruskatalot:

Care home took a digital leap – onboarding bot involved in improving the quality of operations at Ruskatalot 

At Ruskatalot, it has been realized that the well-being of employees directly affects the well-being of residents. Therefore, they have invested in employee onboarding and its modernization, as good onboarding provides excellent foundations for independent work, improvement of operational quality, as well as job satisfaction and well-being. But above all, it contributes to patient safety, which is extremely important in the care sector.


 "We wanted to take a digital step forward and utilize chatbots in our onboarding process. We were looking for a provider with excellent technical expertise, understanding of the industry, and the challenges of onboarding. All of these were fulfilled by Botteja Ltd," says Hanna-Leena Ojalainen, Managing Director of Ruskatalot. 

Botteja Ltd implemented an onboarding bot solution tailored to the needs of Ruskatalot, which streamlines the onboarding process for nurses and enhances employee experience. The bot assists new nurses in familiarizing themselves with their tasks more efficiently and quickly. Whenever a new individual starts, the bot welcomes them to the facility and initiates the person's onboarding process in the agreed-upon manner. Additionally, the bot provides ongoing support and answers to frequently asked questions for the entire staff, not just new employees. 

The bot has indeed become everyone's digital co-worker, which is easy to use anytime and on any device. This has significantly improved efficiency as the necessary information is accessible when needed.

It receives information about new nurses and their details through integration with the MepcoHR system, where Ruskatalot's personnel data is stored.

perehdytys sote.png

The onboarding bot is conveniently accessible via mobile phone, allowing it to be used anytime and anywhere.

An essential part of the solution is knowledge-based management. The data collected by the onboarding bot enriches the employment and personnel information stored in the MepcoHR system.  


"When it comes to developing staff skills and ensuring the quality of work, traditional employment data such as salary, vacation, or sick leave information is not sufficient. What is needed is insight into how employees experience everyday matters. And in collecting such employee experience data, bots are utterly superior. They enable conversation with both younger and older employees," emphasizes Ojalainen. 


At Ruskatalot, it has been experienced that the time saved for HR and team leaders by the bot has been significant. During the first three months, the bots answered repetitive questions so much that supervisors saved several weeks of work time for other tasks. It has also been essential that the adoption of the bot has been easy and effortless, and the feedback from employees has been really positive and enthusiastic. 

Of course, not everything can be handed over to technology. Even at Ruskatalot, the onboarding bot is part of supporting and automating selected areas of the overall onboarding process. Most of the onboarding still takes place face-to-face with another employee. This underscores well that technology is supporting human work, not replacing it. 

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