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Attract and retain

What can our bots do for you?

Our focus is on supporting companies in their employee understanding,
from pre-onboarding to the off-boarding.

Employer brand, corporate culture and personnel.

Mcdonalds chatbot

Amplify the way you communicate with your employees.

Leave routine tasks to our Chatbot and allow HR professionals and managers to focus on more complex and human-to-human tasks.   

Make data-driven decisions using real-time analytics & insights. 

Engage your personnel in the development of organizational culture, and replace traditional employee surveys done once a year.  


Provide your workers with equal multilingual 24/7 online support.


The HR chatbot is the ultimate tool for enhancing corporate culture and personnel management.


Available on any system – integrate anywhere, discuss anytime, equal to everybody. 

Communicate with your workers
like never before.

Pre-onboarding and learning.

Standardize your internal onboarding processes with our chatbot service.

Our AI technology streamlines employee onboarding and provides quick access to information improving your employee’s engagement and work efficiency.

Ensure your personnel competence, before, during, and after training.

Save recourses and focus on the tasks that matter the most. 

Pre-onboarding and learning

Knowledge Management management - Unlock benefits of the data analyses and combine HR data with corporate information.

Empower your employee journey.

Enhance communication with present and future employees through our chatbot solutions, resulting in smoother onboarding, improved engagement, healthier work communities, and better off-boarding experiences.

By investing in our chatbots, you can modernize your HR department.

Improve your employee’s well-being with happy and healthier teams - and create real brand ambassadors.

Empower your employee journey

It’s not just words, take a look at the numbers:

+18% Higher Retention Rates
+21% Greater Profitability
+17% Increase in Productivity
-70% Fewer safety incidents
-41% Reduction in absenteeism




*according to the Gallup report 2022 

employee engagement

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