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Advantages of using Chatbots and Data for Onboarding and Pre-onboarding

chatbots in onboarding and preonboarding

As you well know onboarding and pre-onboarding are crucial stages in the employee lifecycle. They set the tone for the employee’s relationship with your company, influence their motivation and commitment, and impact their long-term success.

However, onboarding and pre-onboarding are also challenging and time-consuming for both HR managers and employees. HR managers must deal with a lot of administrative tasks, such as sending contracts, forms, policies, etc., while also ensuring that the employees receive proper training, orientation, and support. Employees must learn a lot of new information, such as company culture, values, goals, expectations, etc., while also adapting to a new environment, team, and role.

This is where chatbots and data can make a difference, because by using our chatbots and the data they provide for onboarding and pre-onboarding, you can:

Save time and resources: Chatbots automate and streamline many of the repetitive and tedious tasks that HR managers must do manually, such as sending documents, reminders, notifications, etc. This free up HR managers’ time to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of onboarding and pre-onboarding, such as designing personalized and engaging experiences for each employee. Chatbots also you’re your employees’ time by providing them with instant and accurate answers to their queries, without having to wait for human responses or search through multiple sources.

Improve communication and engagement: Our chatbots will communicate with your employees in a friendly and conversational way, using natural language and emojis. This makes your employees feel more comfortable and connected with your company, as well as more confident and informed about their role and responsibilities. They also engage with your employees by sending them relevant and timely content, such as welcome messages, tips, feedback requests, quizzes, surveys, etc., that will help them learn more about your company and their job.

Enhance learning: HR support chatbots provide new hires with personalized and interactive learning experiences that match their preferences and needs. As our chatbots are able to apply adaptive learning techniques, such as periodized repetitions to ensure learning, and content customization based on the learner's needs, abilities or progress. They also provide employees with real-time feedback and coaching, which help them improve their skills and knowledge even after onboarding phase.

Gain insights and optimize: According to a study by Gartner, chatbots can increase employee retention by up to 36% and employee satisfaction by up to 38%. Another study by Deloitte found that chatbots can reduce HR costs by up to 30% and HR workload by up to 40%. In addition, chatbots are perfectly suited for collecting various behavioral, preference, need and emotional data, which is used to increase personnel understanding and, above all, to get development ideas and suggestions for the contents and practices of orientation.

As stated, onboarding plays a really critical role in the employee's path. If successful recruitment is ruined by inadequate orientation, it will be expensive. There will also be a price if, after insufficient orientation, new employees do not commit or are not motivated. That's why onboarding must be handled well, and our chatbots have been specifically designed to help you with this. They are not just tools or technology, but partners in a successful onboarding.

Start using our chatbots for onboarding and pre-onboarding and see the difference for yourself!


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