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A new era in internal communication. Client Case

Chatbots and internal communication case study

Chatbots and data: A new era in internal communication.

What if we tell you that one of our biggest clients, with a base of close to 45.000 employees where over 25.000 of them are bot users; has boost their internal communication with our chatbots. Over the last year more than 1.000.000, yes you read it right, one million conversations took place with our bots. With almost 2.000 teams working inside the company that’s a tremendous increase in communication, and definitely a boost in knowledge for all. From blue collar workers to managers and the hole organisation.

Welcome to the world of chatbots and data-driven HR support, where business efficiency meets human interaction. Imagine having a powerful ally that not only enhances communication but also turbocharges productivity - that's the magic of chatbots. These digital companions are not here to replace human managers but to complement their efforts in creating a new era of workplace communication.

The Power of Chatbots: Simplifying Complex Communication

Picture this: a tool that's available round the clock, ready to assist your team 24/7, ensuring that every query is addressed promptly, every concern is met, and every opportunity for communication is seized. That's precisely what chatbots bring to the table. They're not just automating responses; they're humanizing conversations, making your HR specialists and managers more effective.

HR department has been able to save 17% of its working time since the implementation of the bots. As an example of what it means at a big company, we have solved more than 100.000 information queries that otherwise would have been time consuming emails for the HR department, saving an approximate of 30.000 hours of work that’s 1,000,000€ saved.

The Data-Driven Advantage: Insights That Shape Your Strategy

Now, let's talk about data. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of chatbots is the insights they bring to the table. Every interaction with a chatbot generates valuable insights - a real-time window into your company's reality. By analysing the data generated from interactions, you gain a deeper understanding of your team's needs, common challenges, and areas for improvement. This data is the secret sauce that transforms chatbots from mere tools to indispensable allies, helping you take the best decisions for your team and your organization.

Who is best to give you ideas on how to improve your products, client relationship, and company itself that the experts that you already have on payroll? Our client has gathered during the last year more than 210.000 improvement suggestions, that were analysed and synthesised by us resulting in 1.400 insightful improvement ideas that otherwise most probably would have gone unheard.

Embracing the Future of HR and Management

Chatbots and data are booming in a new era of workplace communication. They're not replacing human HR specialists and managers; they're enhancing their capabilities. The data-driven insights, personalization, efficiency, and scalability they offer are invaluable assets in today's fast-paced business world. Embrace this new era of communication, where technology and data combine to foster stronger teams, streamline processes, and provide exceptional support. The future of HR and company management is here, and it's data-driven, efficient, and undeniably human.


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