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Employee pulse surveys as we know them are a thing of the past.

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Employee pulse surveys are a popular way to measure employee engagement, satisfaction, and well-being. However, traditional surveys have some limitations that can affect the quality and usefulness of the data collected. As online surveys can be boring, impersonal, and rigid, leading to low response rates, high dropout rates, and superficial or biased answers. And they often provide only quantitative data that may not capture the nuances and emotions of the employees’ experiences.

This is where chatbots can make a difference. Chatbots are conversational agents that can interact with users using natural language, providing a more engaging, personalized, and flexible way to conduct employee pulse surveys. They also collect both qualitative and quantitative data from your employees, analysing the data and provide insights and recommendations to your company. Due to their frequency and response rates they are a great tool for your organization to become proactive instead of reactive to employees problems contrary to what happens with the usual pulse and climate interviews.

Main benefits of using chatbots for your pulse surveys are:

Engagement: Provide your employees with a relax, more fun, interactive, and human-like survey experience. Our chatbots follow your company’s distinctive tone of voice and are able to use emojis, to create a positive mood and rapport with your employees, also being capable to adapt to your employees’ preferences, moods, and behaviors, and tailor the survey questions accordingly. For example, our chatbot can ask more open-ended questions to your employee who is willing to share more details, or skip some questions to another employee who is in a hurry or feeling stressed.

Quality: They elicit more honest, detailed, and relevant responses from your employees. Using a natural language processing and sentiment analysis to understand the meaning and emotion behind your employees’ answers, our chatbots are able to ask follow-up questions to probe deeper into your employees’ opinions and feelings. For example, our chatbot can ask your employee why they rated their motivation as low, or what they liked or disliked about a specific aspect of their work.

Flexibility: Allow more convenience and choice to the employees. Being accessible through various platforms and devices, such as web browsers, mobile apps or messaging apps. Our chatbots can also allow your employees to complete the survey at their own pace and time. For example, the employee can start the survey on their smartphone during their smoking break and resume it on a shared computer next day at lunch break.

Insight: Provide actionable feedback and valuable data to the organization. We at Botteja analyse the survey data and generate reports and dashboards that show the trends and patterns of your employee pulse. Providing suggestions and tips to the companies based on the survey results. For example, employee success, feedback and eNPS.

But is not only us who have seen this change, various studies prove the advantage of using pulse chatbots in company:

  • A field study compared a typical online survey on Qualtrics with an AI-powered chatbot survey. Founding that the chatbot drove a significantly higher level of participant engagement and elicited significantly better quality responses.

  • Another study found that the chatbot was able to collect rich qualitative data from the employees, as well as quantitative data from the chatbot analytics. The chatbot also increased the response rate and reduced the dropout rate compared to a traditional online survey.

In conclusion, our chatbots can enhance your employee pulse surveys by making them more engaging, informative, flexible, and insightful, improving the working environment and making employees feel safer and more listened to while gathering important data for your organization to improve employee policies. But how can you get started with pulse chatbots? How can you create, customize, and deploy them for your specific needs and goals? And how can you ensure that they are always up to date and relevant for your employees?

That’s where we come in. We are a leading provider of Chatbots for HR professionals. Our expertise, experience, and technology helps you to create and manage your own pulse chatbots in a simple and easy way. Integrating them with your existing systems and tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc. allowing you to monitor and analyze their performance and feedback, and updated them as needed. Whether you want to use Pulse chatbots for onboarding, training, performance management, employee engagement, or any other HR-related purpose, we have the solution for you.




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