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We bring down the communication barriers.

Botteja is the communication service you've always wanted. It's easy to use and brings down the barriers between you and your employees. Your staff will be happier, more productive and will have a better experience at work.


The Botteja story

botteja story

The business idea for Botteja originated in 2018 from the idea of designing chatbots to work as versatile service assistants for companies. At the same time, we had the idea of refining the bot-collected data into customer and business understanding to aid the development of products and services for companies.

The products and services combine an understanding of the latest technologies (AI, NLP, ML) with a solid vision of customer-oriented business development (EX, DWX, CX, DCX).


VISION Our vision is to fill the gap between companies and their employees, creating a community where everyone is heard and valued. Our fresh and fast interaction tool enables better communication and fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. With our solution, staff will no longer be just a number - they will have the power to shape their work environment and drive positive change.​

MISSION Our mission is to transform the workplace by placing a renewed emphasis on the importance of the individual employee, enriching the work culture by making it more human. We help our clients take bold digital leaps and gain a unique competitive edge by leveraging constantly gathered bot data. Together, we can create a more human-centered and productive workplace, while unlocking the full potential of technology to drive business success.​

VALUES Innovation, Agility, Empathy, Employee experience, Communication, Boldness and Continuous Development.

Curious about Botteja’s platform, pricing, and integrations?
Watch the video to get answers and learn more about us.

TEAM Botteja

Harri Messo


”The key aspect in my work is to find solutions that giv
e the end user - and the customer at the same time - big and positive surprises.”

My superpower is never-ending enthusiasm.

gsm: + 358 40 565 5606
email: harri(a)

timo pihlajamäki


”Turning things insightful is the most important thing in my work. Creating change is wonderful. Watching the customer “get it” and produce real added value for what they do, seeing their own customers in a new light.”

My superpower as a generalist is versatility.äkitimo

Advisory board


Kustaa Valtonen is an experienced sales, startup, and investment professional.

Kustaa is working on the Finest Bay Area tunnel project. He has a long history in IT companies like HP and Microsoft and he has helped many startup companies find their growth paths.


Peter Vesterbacka, Entrepreneur building the Finest Bay Area to create gravity.

Peter has started many branded communities like Slush, Mobile Monday and HP Bazaar. He worked at Rovio as the Mighty Eagle and he is passionate about education.

Contact us:


+358 040565606

Visiting address:
Fritalantie 13, Ulvila

Electronic invoicing information:

Botteja Oy (Y-tunnus 2959860-8)
Verkkolaskuosoite 003729598608
Operaattoritunnus 003708599126
Välittäjä Open Text Oy

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