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  • Why do people leave a company?
    People leave companies for a variety of reasons, and it can be tough to pinpoint exactly why. But the good news is, we can help! Our chatbot gathers feedback from your employees, track turnover trends, and provide insights on how to improve retention. With this data, you'll be able to create a better employee experience and reduce turnover.
  • How to make successfully onboarding?
    Onboarding can be a complex process, but our chatbot can make it easy and engaging for new hires! With our chatbot, you can provide personalized onboarding experiences, automate paperwork and administrative tasks - reduces workload of team leader and track new hire progress. Plus, our chatbot provides quick answers to common questions and offer support to new hires, making them feel welcome and valued from the day one. With our chatbots, you increase retention from the very first day.
  • Why onboarding fails?
    Onboarding can fail for a variety of reasons, including poor communication, lack of structure and process or team leader's workload. But don't worry, our chatbot helps! With our chatbot, you can streamline onboarding processes, automate administrative tasks, and provide personalized experiences for new hires. Plus, our chatbot can offer continuous support and feedback to ensure that new hires feel confident and engaged in their roles.
  • How to improve retention rate?
    Our chatbot gathers feedback and improvement ideas from your employees and provide insights on how to improve the employee experience. With this data, you can create and follow HR KPI’s. By prioritizing employee satisfaction, you'll be able to improve retention and provide a positive work culture.
  • How to improve the reputation of your brand?
    Brand is everything. With your brand you attract people and build up a tempting employer image. Our chatbot can gather feedback from employees and provide insights on how to improve your brand image from within. With this data you understand how create a positive workplace culture and brand ambassadors. Make it your goal: Every employee is a promoter.
  • Chatbot integration?
    Chatbots are fully integrated to various systems and processes, customer does not need new a platform – we enrich current ones. Seamless integrations enable data delivery to and from HR systems. Data is analysed by AI and visualized in customers reporting systems (dashboard).
  • How to execute a modern employee survey?
    Employees must be understood, that is the starting point of a successful personnel policy. However, annual surveys are not enough. The modern way is one where meaningful dialogue is carried out on a regular basis. Our chatbot effortlessly carries out conversations with personnel when, for example, supervisors do not have time for it. Chatbots allow you to collect more and better-quality data, which makes it easier and faster to make the right decisions - better quality data enables more effective personnel analytics. Enrich your current annual survey and let our chatbots collect valuable data in between. This way, you can stay on the pulse of your personnel and get high-quality data to support personnel analytics.
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