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McDonald's is a fast food chain founded in 1955 and one of the most famous brands in the world, whose trademark is the golden arches. McDonald's restaurants serve their customers in more than a hundred countries. 


McDonald's has been operating in Finland since 1984, and currently, they have 72 family restaurants serving customers from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. These restaurants are run by local entrepreneurs and act as employers in many areas. 



Our client's goal was to find an easy-to-use and simple way to communicate regularly with their employees. They wanted to hear the opinions of their employees in more detail, gather information on employee satisfaction, and come up with ideas for development targets. In addition, they look for an easy and quick way to give recognition to colleagues. 


There was also a need for an assistant who could clearly explain general work matters, from operating models for sick leave to tax and salary matters, as well as the basic rules of the restaurant - common and frequent questions that come to HR and restaurant managers. 

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In the first phase of the project, a name competition was organized to find a suitable name for a new colleague, a chatbot, and at the same time, a new service was presented to the staff. In this way, the personnel could be committed to the development work, participate in the project and get to know the new chatbot colleague. 

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Next, a chatbot solution was implemented, which was able to communicate and give the desired advice and surveys in a timely manner through an engaging dialogue. A visual dashboard was compiled from the obtained results, which allowed the restaurant manager to monitor the metrics and development targets related to the working atmosphere of their own restaurant.

In practice, the chatbot brought a new perspective to the development of job satisfaction and restaurant operations in a way that both engages employees and creates a positive employer image. 


Employees can find the bot using QR codes in the break room and locker rooms. 

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