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Exit journey

exit journey with chatbots

From exit surveys to meaningful dialogue

Organizations invest significant time and money into recruitment. However, measures aimed at retaining employees are often limited, let alone measures aimed at understanding reasons for ending employment or improving departure processes.

Exit Dialogue 2.0 with a chatbot

The end of an employment relationship is an important moment for employers, as it is the opportunity to understand the reasons for the employee's departure and learn from them. A typical way to understand the reasons is to hold an exit interview or meeting, where the purpose is to gather information on the reasons for departure in order to develop the company's culture and practices.

The exit meeting can be conducted through either a conversation or a survey, but both have their challenges. Surveys do not receive many responses, and when speaking with a supervisor, leadership aspects are often left unaddressed and important criticisms remain unspoken.

In contrast, chatbots allow for deeper and more extensive conversations. Response rates increase, as a dialogue with a bot allows for evaluations of a supervisor's performance without the tension of a face-to-face conversation. In practice, response rates increase even more if the departing employees have interacted with the bot before – familiarity and "colleague-like" relationships significantly increase the likelihood of giving feedback.

Thus, more data can be collected through bots than through traditional exit surveys. When there is enough reliable data, it is easier to draw conclusions and prioritize development areas. Open dialogue, empathy, and a genuine effort to understand are crucial in these situations, and bots are adaptable to all of them.

Bots enrich existing HR data Managing exit situations is an important part of every company's strategic development. It should be noted that the exit moment does not tell the whole truth about an employee's journey, as only certain things are often emphasized at the time of departure. The data obtained through conversations with bots can be combined with existing employee data and provide a deeper understanding of the moments when motivation may have started to decline and "quiet quitting" began to emerge. Such an increase in employee understanding has positive strategic and operational effects in any organization.

The benefits of the exit bot are particularly emphasized in industries where employee turnover is high, and HR or supervisors do not have the opportunity to speak with all departing employees. Especially in these situations, bots offer a relevant opportunity for conducting an exit dialogue that leaves a positive impression on the departing employee.


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