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Automate HR routines, start learning process, take first steps towards work community and well-being.

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Onboarding on the employee's journey is a direct continuation of recruitment - it is mainly a learning process in which the employee's abilities are developed both as an individual and as a member of the new organization. 


Digital onboarding utilizes tools and practices for automating HR routines and Supervisor functions, ensuring the successful integration of new employees, and identifying potential risk factors. 


Good recruitment can be ruined by bad onboarding, so its importance cannot be overemphasized. A successful onboarding has many undeniable benefits in terms of employee commitment, productivity and work comfort. A good introduction to e.g.: 


  • Confirms the expectations created during the recruitment phase regarding work tasks and the work community 

  • Enables a new employee to have a successful start to new tasks 

  • Accelerates the new employee's transition to a "more productive mode" 

  • Directly affects quality o f work, work safety and employee commitment 

  • Significantly reduces the probability of exit 

  • Positively affects employer image and brand ambassadorship 


The benefits of a good onboarding are significant, while a bad onboarding creates challenges and negative signals about the organizational culture are passed to the new employee. 


Onboarding can be enhanced with chatbots while ensuring successful supervisor and employee experiences. Bots free up HR and supervisor resources by automating the desired onboarding processes and thus give supervisors more time to focus on personal and emotional management. 

The bots activate new employees in a relevant dialogue, from this dialogue a lot of important emotional and other data is stored for the development of onboarding, which can be used immediately in operational activities. 

Chatbots integrate effortlessly into various HR systems, expanding and enhancing their use.  

Data collected from other channels can also be enriched with data collected by bots. 

Acting in a cost-effective and agile manner, bots play a key role in modern digital orientation.


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