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Get the most out of the collected data and develop the work community and HR processes.

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In the development of the work community and culture, Knowledge-based management is the key. This requires a lot of high-quality data from the different stages of the employee journey – traditional annual employee satisfaction surveys are no longer enough, and the employer must increasingly be on the pulse of its employee's work satisfaction and thereby increase the understanding of its employees. 


Development requires active dialogue. For this reason, the use of chatbots in the development of the work community and culture is increasingly popular. HR analytics plays a central role in the development of the organization.


Chatbots offer an efficient way to collect data and analyze it quickly and easily. They offer concrete advantages to different levels of the organization: 


  • Strategic and operational management is enhanced with the help of data collected by chatbots with HR analytics and knowledge-based management 

  • Automating routine tasks saves team leaders time and enables them to focus on matters where human presence and support are essential 

  • Dialogue with chatbots is properly timed, equal, and multilingual. 


Chatbots offer personnel a channel to be heard. They activate and involve the entire staff at selected moments, and with their help, experiences can be gathered for example, job satisfaction, workload, or other issues in the work environment. In addition, chatbots help to improve communication and interaction in the workplace. 


Chatbots have already been used in various work community studies, collecting development ideas and developing front-line working. The data collected by the chatbots have also been combined with other HR data and understanding, for example, related to working conditions, which by influencing them have increased comfort and reduced turnover. Similarly, chatbots have been used to successfully monitor the implementation of the selected actions as development targets in everyday life. 


The data collected by chatbots is visualized in a practical form for dashboards and various HR reports. 


The analysis of large data masses is assisted by artificial intelligence, which works seamlessly with chatbots, speeding up, for example, the prioritization of development ideas related to working conditions or making summaries of those. 


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