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Ensure a smooth general orientation by chatbots with hooking content, even before the first official working day.

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Botteja pre-onboarding


The goal of pre-onboarding is to support a new employee's transition into a new work community, eliminate uncertainty related to starting work, and support the individual's commitment to the employer company – even before their first official work day.

Pre-onboarding  is an important step in the employee journey, especially if there is a several-week period between the employment agreement and starting work.


Pre-onboarding gives the new employee a light introduction to new tasks and practices and reduces the time needed for actual onboarding.

This also lightens the workload of the supervisors responsible for the onboarding, and the new employee can get into "productive mode" faster.

Additionally, an onboarding that is appropriately engaging, interactive, and offers relevant content:

  • Continues to reinforce a positive employer image after the recruitment experience

  • Creates a positive emotional connection to the new organization

  • Enhances team-building and "to be heard"

  • Reduces turnover in the early stages of the employment relationship


Easy to start pre-onboarding is implemented with chatbots. They operate either independently or as part of existing systems and processes, utilizing their content and features.

Automated digital orientation can be activated immediately after the signing of the employment agreement, utilizing interfaces between e.g. systems such as Oneflow and Teamtailor. 


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